The Moab Pride Festival serves as a beacon event in southeastern Utah, where people are invited to come together regardless of age, gender, religious or political affiliation. It serves as a celebration of diversity, a way to entertain, engage and delight not only the LGBTQ community but the friends, families and allies who also share the idea that one day all people will be treated as equals.


The mission of the Moab Pride Festival is to raise money for the development of a resource center that provides year-round services to the residents Moab and surrounding communities in southeastern Utah. As an event, it aims to celebrate the strength, equality, dignity and self-determination of the worldwide LGBTQ community.


After Amy Stocks watched a about a small town throwing a pride festival for its only gay man, she posted the video on her Facebook page with a note asking when her own hometown, Moab, Utah, was going to throw a party for her. The response eventually turned into Moab's first ever LGBTQ Pride parade and festival.

Moab is a small, rural town in southeastern Utah. Despite the millions of visitors that arrive to see Canyonlands and Arches National Parks, the cultural and political climate of the region was generally conservative and exclusive. So, for Moab, Pride was more than just a party and parade. It was a political statement heard far beyond the town's borders.

It was quite telling that more than 500 people participated in the first ever Visibility March. That was a full 10% of the small town's resident population! Needless to say, we were thrilled with the level of support.

We continue to learn a great deal from Amy's act of courage, and the responses it garnered. Moab has shown its true colors in displaying a willingness to collectively learn, share, and discover the full spectrum of life. It was time to celebrate then, and it's time to celebrate now.